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troika_slash's Journal

BtVS Troika Slash
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Evil twin of troika_het!

This is a community for slashing the Evil Trio from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you've got fanfic about the love between Jonathan, Andrew, and Warren, then post it! Same goes for icons and fanart, and heck, anything really.

I'll also allow nerd/other pairings, like Andrew/Xander, or Warren/Spike, or whatever, but the nerd and his man have to be the focus of the story.

I'm going to allow people to post RPS (real person slash) here. I am, however, going to insist that it is properly labeled and behind cut tags, because I know that some people aren't in to that.

If you're posting anything more than a drabble, or if you're posting fanart or something, again, please use a cut tag. Keep friends lists clean and all that.

I'm seriously, seriously not going to put up with flaming. If you don't like what someone does, then take it up with them in a civilized manner, or email them or something. Be nice.

If you have questions or concerns or anything, you can get ahold of the mod at zyre. She's always more than willing to chat your ear off, promise. :)